Ideas for Church Fundraisers in the face the COVID-19 Crisis

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Ideas for Church Fundraisers in the face the COVID-19 Crisis

Apart from businesses across all industries that are reinventing themselves to survive, churches are an essential part of our culture that have to find means of survival too. Funds for churches largely depend on the congregation; these are indeed times of uncertainty and hardship. We as a nonprofit fundraising platform understand the kind of support that churches require. In the face of all kinds of interruptions caused by COVID-19 virus, GiveCentral has listed down a few ideas that can help in the sustenance of churches and their management. 

Digital giving

Your church may or may not have subscribed to any online donation platform. In case you haven’t, then it is ideal that your church must research and decide on the perfect online giving solution which will generate all your church fundraisers. You can look up online and see what other churches are doing and read the reviews for each giving method.  In case you are finding it hard to adopt a method such as mobile giving, then you can always opt for options like PayPal. It may pleasantly surprise you that quite a number of your parishioners may already have a PayPal account.  

Alternative for church gatherings

We are all aware of the fact that church services have now been closed down for some time. A lot of parishioners do miss going to church and seeing people from their community. However, you can bring this experience to your members without them having to come to you. GiveCentral for instance has launched a LIVE feature where in an experience of a virtual church will be given to the participants. The audience can donate via a click of a button on the side of the screen; text-to-engage too becomes a possibility here. 

Reminder for donations

A lot of people get reminded of their donations only when they visit the church which happens mostly on sundays. But given the current scenario, there has to be a soft reminder for donation alerts, a gentle communication via email or a text message would be ideal. That being said, there are sections of people who become more inclined to donating more money to the church in times of trouble, you can identify them and write a special email to them. Although in-person church fundraisers aren’t a possibility, your newsletters can include reminders to let your parishioners know that their contribution has always been of utmost value. Let them know that the church is grateful to have them as members. 

Be sensitive in your communication

While quite a number of people might be lucky enough to be working from home, it might not be the same for everybody. While this might be an opportunity to save money for some, it may also mean more expenses for many others. Therefore, be careful with the narrative of your communication materials; address the problem and be sensitive to the possible situation of the reader as well. The church is supposed to be the pillar that holds all of its parishes together and it is very important to remember that. 

We have been made aware that the elder citizens are more prone to being infected by coronavirus, therefore it is mandatory that the elderly be given special attention at this point in time. Reach out, check on them to see how they are doing and offer help if they need any. Along the same lines, it is not a bad idea to have online church fundraisers that are solely for corona assistance. This fund would go to the infected and the recovering. It is a great way to show that you care beyond your church, we are all in this together.

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