How St Pancras Parish reached fundraising goals during COVID

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How St Pancras Parish reached fundraising goals during COVID

Are your online donations suffering because you haven’t optimized your giving pages? Our partner location, St Pancras Parish, Brooklyn  successfully raised $13, 707 in the last three months, which about 88% of their annual giving, in the last 3 months.

They were able to continue raising funds despite the coronavirus crisis lockdown using GiveCentral‘s online fundraising platform.

How to Actually Achieve Your Goals During COVID-19 – What St Pancras Parish did right

  • They branded their donation page design to match their website.
  • Optimized their page by adding relevant images and event descriptions
  • Categorized their events to make search easy for donors
St Pancras Parish All Events

When donors find a donation page to be untrustworthy, lengthy, or difficult to use, they’re more likely to abandon their gift before their transaction is complete. 

St Pancras Parish used GiveCentral’s giving pages, which requests only the most relevant information from the user such as- the pledge amounts, and the giving frequency, to ensure conversions.

St Pancras Parish Annual Catholic Appeal 2020

Their giving page is also multi-lingual and mobile-friendly. Read 4 more tips to design your donation page.

multi-lingual and mobile-friendly donation page

A donation page is an important part of a holistic fundraising strategy.  With donors preferring to give online, it’s more important than ever to put some extra thought and effort into your nonprofit’s donation page design.

Ultimately, we believe,  the website design is about people’s behavior. The goal is to help users navigate the site easily and reach the desired goal. 

In case of nonprofit websites designs, just being creative is not always what drives conversions. Clarity and consistency of your mission and message is more important than innovation. Try the following changes on your website, to see some immediate improvements. 

  1. Branding : Customize your pre-designed GiveCentral templates. Add a banner and the name of the organization or event at the very top of the page. 
  2. There must be a great (visibly large) title to the page. 
  3. The menu should be on the top of the website.
  4. The CTA (call-to-action), in our case usually the donate button, must also be at the top preferably in contrasting colors.  Try keeping the site simple, and the button in fairly visible colors.
  5. The navigation flow of information should always be in order of priority. For example, placing the donate button before the social sharing buttons is better for increased donations. 
  6. Videos are a great way to draw your audience in. 
  7. Check the loading time for your donation page. 

Is loading time so important? 

Indeed, up to 40% of users will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Internet users now have high expectations of the websites they visit because of so much exposure to all categories of website. They do not have the patience to wait for bad quality images that take forever to load and also to forage information that can help them make a gift, even when they have the best of intentions at heart. 

Our job is to make the entire process effortless for them. If you are looking to do more with your existing nonprofit website or donation page, give us a shout here. 

We will be happy to make recommendations that work for your unique needs.

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