Tips for successful Holiday Marketing around Christmas

Tips for successful Holiday Marketing around Christmas

Why Holiday MARKETING?

December is that time of the year when generosity is at its peak. With the holiday season as the backdrop, people generally give back to society and indulge themselves in acts of doing good. But with an intense competition between tons of nonprofit organizations, vying for the limited public attention and funds out there, it gets every bit more important to have the right fundraising strategy. And when it comes to a fundraising strategy, marketing has to be at its core.

Christmas is the the mood that December is usually marked with. Therefore, it won’t be too bad an idea to go about your holiday marketing for December with Christmas as its theme.

Here are a few tips to go about your Holiday Marketing around Christmas which could be a very important cog in the giant wheel of having the most effective fundraising strategy.

Spruce up your website

Your homepage is what gives a reflection of the philosophy of your organization. This makes it a great marketing asset. Make sure it reflects all your efforts. Create a call to action that leads to your campaign page. Make sure it catches your visitor’s attention no sooner they land on your homepage.

Run an email campaign

Strategize and plan your dates backwards for your email campaign. Keep in mind to give enough time to your audience to go through your campaign and respond to it. Ask your supporters and volunteers to spread the word about your campaign by including social share buttons in your emails. Create custom messages for sharing it online. Include your campaign hastag in it and a link back to your site. It makes it easy for your supporters to spread your message and at the same time yu make sure that they are sharing exactly what you want.

Use your Newsletter

Don’t replace all your standard communication methods with holiday campaign promotions. Keep things as per schedule and send out that newsletter even if it’s December and the holiday season. Make sure to include your holiday campaign as a part of that newsletter.

Usage of Social Media

Create a campaign hastag to make sure you could pull and monitor all the messages which mention your holiday fundraising campaign. Engage yourself in it and be articulate in all your responses. Use different social media platforms to tailor your message to a different set of audience. Usage of such different means of communication would ensure that you don’t miss out on any particular section. Make sure to include visuals in all your to be able to make the maximum impact. According to a study by Pew Research in 2013, almost 47% of all adult users repost photos and videos that they come across on social media platforms.

Cater to all kinds of donors

With the help of analytics study your donor base and make sure to segregate them into different groups based on their giving habits. Cater to each of these groups by having different donation forms for each of them. Let these donation forms have different giving levels so that each group could donate based on their resources to do so.

The holiday fundraising season has to be one of the most important times for a nonprofit organization. You need to have a clearly thought out fundraising strategy to maximize the chances of having a successful campaign. And make no mistake, holiday marketing has to take a lion’s share of all these efforts.


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