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Best Nonprofit Conferences To Attend – September & October

Best Nonprofit Conferences

There are 17 nonprofit conferences coming up in September and October and the calendar focuses on issues that matter to you, like:

  • Fundraising and Grants
  • Non-profit management
  • Marketing and communications
  • Non-profit Technology, and More
  1. Annual Non-profit Management Institute | Sep 12-13 | Stanford, CA

Through a mix of insightful interviews, hands-on-workshops, intensive sessions with industry thought leaders, attendees will leave this conference feeling more inspired.

This conference will explore how you can use storytelling techniques to build awareness that leads to action, engage your community to establish successful partnerships, Diversify your funding sources in an age of financial uncertainty, mobilize the power of social movements, and more.

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  1. Conference for North Carolina’s Nonprofit | Sep 13-14 | Concord, NC

This conference attracts fundraising professionals from nonprofits, executive directors, and other staff from small to large non-profit foundations and universities across the state of North Carolina.

  1. Rocky Mountain Philanthropy Institute | Sep 14-15 | Breckenridge, CO

This conference will help professional fundraisers to achieve their goals.

Activities planned:

  • Introduction to Fundraising Coursework,
  • Professional Development & Networking Reception,
  • Advanced Practitioner Coursework,
  • Interactive Exhibitor Village,
  • Special content for your Board Members and those new to Fundraising, and
  • Deep dive into Ask Without Fear! authored by keynote speaker Marc Pitman.
  1. Inbound 2017 | Sep 25-28 | Boston, MA

Inbound 2017 is sponsored by Hubspot and dedicated to “fuelling the passion driving most innovative and successful business leaders of our time”.

Topics to be covered are Content Marketing, Leadership, Design and Growth.

  1. ADRP’s Annual International Conference | Sep 26 – 28 | Las Vegas, NV

It is the largest international conference and dedicated to donor relations and stewardship. It provides members with the tools to be successful as a leader and practitioner. It is your opportunity to join donor relations and stewardship professionals around the world.

  1. The Communications Network Annual Conference | Sep 27-29 | Miami Beach, FL

It is the premier global leadership gathering for nonprofit leaders who are committed to build a better world through the smart use of strategic communication. It connects leaders seeking to elevate and advance communication to connect, learn, and share.

  1. The National Catholic Development Conference & Exposition | Sep 27-30 | San Diego, CA

It is the largest conference for catholic fundraisers. The executives, development directors, department directors, and other staff from religious organizations around the US and the world will attend the event. Here, you will learn from industry thought leaders to overcome the challenges and fulfill your organization’s mission.

  1. Maryland Non-profits’ 24th Annual Conference | Oct 3-4 | Baltimore, MD

This conference will help you work smarter, find simple tools and innovative ways to make your job easier, and connect with some really passionate and mission-driven professionals. The foundations, nonprofits, government, and business leaders will join this highly interactive event.

  1. Non-profit Learning Lab Institute | Oct 4 | Los Angeles, CA

This conference will help individuals sharpen their skills in communication, fundraising, event planning, board and volunteer management, organizational leadership, capacity building, and more. By attending the event, nonprofit organizations will be able to do their overall management process more effectively.

  1. 2017 NSPA Conference | Oct 9-11 | Seattle, WA

This conference attracts foundations, non-profit associations, businesses, and other professionals from colleges and universities. Attendees will have the ability to expand their professional network. It will cover areas like encourage professional development, scholarship effective practices. At the event, over 400 scholarship providers from around the US and Canada will come together and share best practices.

  1. 2017 Connect | Oct 15-17 | Denver, CO

Joinees will have opportunities to learn from experts and others in the field in a unique learning environment. This in-depth educational session will bring together the brightest minds from across the world. Topics to be covered are ranging from philanthropic Leadership to foundation management.

  1. Non-profit Learning Lab Institute | Oct 17 | Dallas, TX

This conference will help individuals broaden their perspectives and sharpen their skills in communication, fundraising, event planning, board and volunteer management, organizational leadership, capacity building, and more. It will also help non-profit organizations be more effective in their overall management process.

  1. 2017 National Forum on Family Philanthropy | Oct 18-20 | Washington, DC

It is premier gathering for giving families. Family members, board members and staff, family and community foundation donors, as well as other eligible leaders in the field of family philanthropy must attend this conference. Here, they will get the latest trends in family giving and insights into how these trends will shape the future of the field.

  1. 21/64 Annual Multi-generational Training-NYC | Oct 23-24 | New York, NY

This training will help trainees broaden their ability to relate to family philanthropy and private wealth clients. 21/64 tools will enhance your ability to dive deeper with families, multiple generations, and donors. Following this program, participants will get certified to facilitate 21/64 tools and methodology.

  1. Iowa Nonprofit Summit | Oct 24-25 | Altoona, IA

It is perfect place for renewing energy in your daily good work. At this summit, you can meet and network with people from across the state. This workshop will help attendees build capacity, work together, collaborate with others, volunteer engagement, and overcome the community challenges.

  1. Our common Future | Oct 25-27 | Detroit, MI

This event is designed to share knowledge, build connections, and nurture leadership. Featured events in the conference are: Action-oriented sessions, Immersive experiences, Creative networking events, and more.

  1. Non-profit Learning Lab Institute-Nashville | Oct 26 | Nashville, TN

This conference will help individuals sharpen their skills in communication, fundraising, event planning, board and volunteer management, organizational leadership, capacity building, and more. Nonprofit organizations will be able to do their overall management process more effectively.

Best Nonprofit Conferences To Attend This July & August

nonprofit conferences calendar 2017

We all are lifelong learners in one field or another. Learning from peers, thought leaders is an opportunity to see who’s doing what but also to network and stay connected. Below is a list of events and conferences you do not want to miss. Topics range from fundraising and grants to marketing and communications, and nonprofit technology. So, here we go:

  1. AMI Nonprofit Marketing Conference | Jul 10 – 12 | Washington D.C.

At this conference, organizations will learn how to reach a larger audience on a limited budget, and transform their marketing dollars into maximum impact. Attendees will gain insights and expertise from top and brightest minds in the nonprofit sector and learn the best practices and technologies that can make their time and money most effective.

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  1. National Urban League Annual Conference | Jul 26 – 29 | St. Louis, MO

It is the nation’s largest civil rights and social justice conference. It will provide participants with unmatched professional, business development, civic engagement, and networking opportunities. During the four power-packed days, attendees will take the advantage of networking events, sessions and workshops led by industry experts. This conference will focus on health, education, justice, business, and the economy.

The purpose of the conference is to engage participants in the discussions of pressing issues facing Americans and solutions to address these challenges. The major issues to be discussed are:

  • Social and economic inequality across America
  • Improving education in disadvantaged communities,
  • Increasing jobs and job training,
  • Health and quality of life issues that threaten the lives of Americans and other minorities,
  • Creating quality affordable housing options and small business opportunities in American communities.
  1. Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference | Aug 2 – 4 | National Harbor, MD

It is the premier conference of, by and for fundraising professionals. It explores the latest, techniques, strategies, and innovations in direct marketing and fundraising. This will bring you and your organization to the next level. This year, above 2,000 fundraising professionals from every sector will gather for three energizing days of workshops, networking, panels, and more.

This conference will cover areas like:

  • Solutions to Your Tactical and Strategic Marketing Challenges,
  • Practical Insights and User-friendly Ideas to Improve ROI,
  1. Netroots Nation 2017 | Aug 10-13 | Atlanta, GA

Online organizers, labour and organizational leaders, grassroots activists, Social justice advocates, independent media makers, and bloggers will join this conference for four days of practical training sessions and networking opportunities.

The conference will feature:

  • 90 panels
  • 45 training sessions
  • Inspiring keynotes
  • Film screenings
  • Tons of networking and social events
  1. YNPN National Conference 2017 | Aug 11-14 | Atlanta, GA

This conference will cover areas like professional development, networking and more. It brings together nonprofit leaders and professionals from across the country. Here, you will grow your own leadership, and learn about new tools to improve your communities.

  1. ASAE Annual Conference & Expo | Aug 12-15 | Toronto, (Int.) Canada

This conference is open to association professionals, consultants, higher education professionals, industry partners, federal government employees, corporate meeting planners, and attorneys. It will fuel your work as leaders with practical ideas and colleague support.

  1. 2017 Chicago Non-profit Conference | Aug 28-30 | Chicago, IL

Avail the opportunity to connect with hundreds of fundraising and marketing professionals. At this conference, industry leaders will exchange innovative, game-changing marketing and fundraising ideas that generate fruitful solutions to help stronger relationship with donors. It will also focus on improving public awareness.