Amazon Kindle Giveaway! Christmas Sweepstakes

GiveCentral team loves everything techonology and how you can use this great tool to connect with communities online. And now, this Christmas, we want you to love and use social media to engage, as much as we do – for your participation we are giving away a Kindle Fire HD for FREE.

A Kindle Fire giveaway!

This promotion runs from today Dec 6, 2017 – Jan 5th, 2017.

Of course, we don’t want to give a Kindle Fire away to just anyone. We want winners to be passionate about all things technology related and we feel that one of the best ways to demonstrate that you want to win a free Kindle is to be vocal about it!
So, to enter yourself into The GiveCentral’s Kindle Fire Giveaway, we ask that you share the info with others.
4 ways to enter the contest:

  •  Like The GiveCentral Facebook page, re-share our contest post.
  • Follow @givecentral on Twitter
  • Tweet about The GiveCentral Kindle Fire Giveaway with a link to this page and use the hashtag #GiveCentralGiveaway.
  • Link to this page from your blog or other website (be sure to leave a comment below with a link to your site so we don’t miss any)

You receive one entry for each method you use! So for example, if you like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and link to this page on your personal blog or website – that’s 3 entries! You can increase your chances of winning by adding links or tweeting about the giveaway each day throughout the month.

We’ll track the entries and randomly select the winner to receive a free Kindle Fire tablet!


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