Financial Fitness: Tips to Keep your Fundraising in Good Shape

Financial Fitness: Tips to Keep your Fundraising in Good Shape

Strengthen your financial fitness

Seems like everyone is on a fitness plan these days, myself included. Which got me thinking… applying the same principle to work life makes a lot of sense. So this year, put a twist on an old new year’s resolution standby – to get in shape – and apply it to your nonprofit. Get your fundraising in shape by creating a health and wellness plan for your organization’s fundraising efforts. Here are some expert tips to get you started:

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Bulk up your database.  

The path to long-term vitality is cultivating and growing your donor database.  Simply put, donors are the lifeline of your organization. That’s why it’s critical to have a donor (customer) relationship management system (CRM) in place. The world’s most successful companies wouldn’t dream of operating without a CRM system, and you shouldn’t either.And while growing your mailing list and donor database may seem intimidating, it may be easier than you think. You can ask your volunteer leaders to share the email addresses of their group members, or ask current members to invite a friend or three who might be interested in learning more about your mission.


The key to success for any exercise is repetition and the same goes for your donors.  Do you have a way for your donors to easily make recurring donations? 

Flex your fundraising muscle.

Offering your donors flexibility is key. Anytime, anywhere they are ready to give, make it easy for them! Make sure to provide donors options so they can donate on their terms, not yours. 

Stay Active.

It’s no secret regular communication is an important driver of donation growth.  Keep your organization top of mind through consistent, compelling communications.  Make your first message of 2016 a big “Thank You!” Include a positive story about the great ways your donors have positively impacted the community by supporting your mission.

We can help you put these proven tips (and lots more) into action. Think of GiveCentral as your fitness trainer, a partner dedicated to keeping your fundraising in great shape!


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